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In this post I'd like to share what I use in my lab. Items with and asterisk (*) are items that you really need to operate a basic lab.


  • Power Supply: Dr. Meter PS305DM 30V/5A DC Bench Power Suply Single Output 110V/220V Switchable
  • *Volt Meter: Southwire Tools 16040T Compat Auto Range TrueRMS Multimeter
    I bought this locally at a building supply store. It has bluetooth but I haven't been able to connect to it with my phone yet because of OS version incompatibility. I really like the tester and the fact that it auto sets the size. The leads are nice but it would be nice to have some alligator clips on the ends so I purchased some push on alligator clips separately.  Here
  • *Soldering Iron
    • Weller ? Watt
      • I've been using this for quite a while and it works reasonably well. I like the LED's though they are a little dim. My biggest complaint is that the tip has worn out very quickly. I like the tip on the DANIU PX-988 much better.
    • DANIU PX-988 90W Backlight LCD Digital Thermostat Adjustable Lead Free Electric Soldering Iron ESD Mini Soldering Station EU/US Plug 220V/110V - 110V US Plug
      • I've had this for 8 months and it has served me well. I heats up quicly compared to the Weller but it isn't as powerful either so it works better for smaller circuit joints but not larger wire connections. It says 90W in the name but I don't believe it has the thermal capacity that the Weller does though I haven't tested its wattage usage. It is really nice to be able to fine tune the temperature. I've even used it to weld PLA prints together.
  • *Soldering Stand
    The sand looks a little flimsy but I bought it because I could unscrew it from the base and hook it into my peg board.
  • *Soldering Iron Cleaner is a must have. It works so much better then cleaning your soldering iron with a sponge.
  • Quad Hands
    I bought this after watching some of the guys at FliteTest use it. It is well built and doesn't want to tip over on you.


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  1. Analog soldering stations come with knobs to adjust the temperature control but they are not accurate enough. They are suitable for simple tasks like mobile phone repairing.


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