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Micro LED Light Bars

While commuting to work on the bus I decided I needed something better than a Adafruit shipping box as a work area. Since I'm on the bus and frequently have to share the with someone else I'm limited to a work area the size of my lap with limited storage at my feet. I decided to give two small parts organizers a try. One with some of the dividers removed would be used as my work area and the other would be used for parts. I had picked up one recently for a reasonable price at Walmart for my RC's but didn't like how the center of it wasn't removable but the outside was. I figured with a little modification I could make it work though. So I headed down to Walmart and found that they had changed the design for the better as far as I was concerned. The new design has all of the removable dividers on one side and fixed dividers on the other. The problem is that winter is coming and it will be dark on the bus soon. So I've come up with two different light bar ideas